Safety certification

Our new NOX collection is certified with the new ECE2206 legislation

NOX guarantees maximum protection through the new ECE 2206 certification, which is more resistant to impact than the old ECE 2205 certification.

In fact, the new norm imposes more safety through stricter tests and controls carried out in specialized laboratories on the materials, technologies and equipments of your helmet.

The big difference with the old norm is the number of impact points taken into account during the test: Indeed, the resistance of the helmets is now evaluated on 18 impact points (some of which are random) against only 6 in the past.

The new certification also includes three impact tests at different speeds (different heights) to simulate more impact conditions in different settings. However, another major difference between the two certifications is the rotational or oblique impact test that simulates the rotation of the brain during an impact.

A sensor inside the helmet also measures impact and abrasion resistance. 

The fiber or carbon or polycarbonate shells will also need to be thicken for even greater strength.

The test doesn’t concern only helmet because it concern also the accessories offered by our brand (internal visors, external visors)

Regarding the inner sun visors, they must not reduce the field of vision below 105°. They must not block the opening and closing of the main visor.

The external visor of your NOX helmet will also be affected by the projection of steel balls at 216 km/h, which it must resist without breaking or deforming.

As for the tinted visors, the transparency is now 35% compared to 50% with the 2205 standard. In addition, they also have a marking that makes them suitable for “daytime use only”. For photochromic visors, the test will be based on the maximum tint level. In fact, these models are subject to automatic tinting according to the light.

For users, the new 22.06 norm does not change anything regarding the use of a helmet that meets the 22.05 norm, which remains perfectly approved for daily use.