technology and innovation

Removable sun visor

Smoked sun visor lens removable et retractable with button mechanism to protect against sunrays and splashing.

scratch resistant

Extern visor features scratch resistant technologies to reduce impact effect and offer best visibility on the road.

Easy button visor

Quick and easy release visor with a simple pressure and without tool.

Lock visor system

Central Lock visor creating a hermetic seal and reducing noise.

breath guard

Removable breath guard to avoid proliferation of warm air expired and fog into visor.

Ventilation system

Front vents and 2 rear extractors in the shell offer direct air to the rider’s head and comfortable temperature inside your helmet.

Chin curtain

Windproof and removable chin curtain to reduce wind noise and keep you warm.

Removable and washable lining

Inner lining and cheek pads with sanitized treatment are removable and washable by hand.

Micrometric buckle

Micrometric buckle is adjustable with the fastest and easiest chin strap system.


Helmet equipped with removable visor.

2 sizes shell

Double shells size for perfect fit of your shape.

Carbon shell

The outer shell of the helmet is made of carbon fiber allowing lightness and great resistance to shocks

Fiber shell

The fiberglass composing the helmet gives it excellent shock absorption properties.

Bluetooth ready

Bluetooth communication system adaptated on lining spot.

pinlock ready

Visor prepared for pinlock fog lens.

Delivered with Pinlock 30 screen

The helmet comes with a Pinlock film

Dual homologation P/J

The dual homologation P/J allows you to travel with the chin strap open in full legality.

Clear screen

Scratch-resistant and UV-resistant clear polycarbonate screen.

smoked screen

Scratch-resistant and UV-resistant smoked polycarbonate screen.

chromed screen

Scratch-resistant and UV-resistant chromed polycarbonate screen.

irridium screen

Scratch-resistant and UV-resistant irridium polycarbonate screen.

Sun lens

Double sun lens retractable with the push of a single button.

smoked lens

Double sun lens retractable with the push of a single button.

clear Bubble screen

Clear bubble screen with snaps.

smoked bubble screenirridium screen

smoked bubble screen with snaps.